How to Find a Dog Boarding Kennel

Many dog owners know that they will inevitably need to travel without their dog. Leaving your pet behind isn't easy to do and is a subject that can cause stress and concern. There are some excellent places to leave them where they can be safe and well taken care of.

A good idea would be to ask your dog's vet for references. Other dog owners that you know well may also be able to provide some good recommendations based on their own experiences. Calling around to local boarding kennels will be the next step in finding out more about their accommodations. Some common information will need to be asked when calling around to these kennels.

The first thing that should be asked is how the dog will be housed. Examples of temporary living arrangements for pets are open rooms or cages. Dogs that aren't used to being in a crate or cage may not be adequate for a crated or caged accommodation. Older pets with health concerns or any dogs that are used to roaming free would likely do better in an open space or room that allows them to move freely. Going into the facility and having an in-person tour is a smart move to ensure that this is a place you want to trust with your pet. A clean and hygienic facility should be what you find when you tour in person.

Some even offer a hotel style living arrangement complete with toys and a dog bed. Other important things to ask of the parma animal hospital is how often your pet will be fed and walked. This is important as you want to know that your dog will have the time he or she needs for bathroom breaks and exercise.  A good facility will also be able to give your pet the type of diet that they are accustomed to. Something that is advised is bringing along your pet's favorite snacks and treats to the facility so that they can have them during your trip out of town.

The dog boarding kennel should let you know what their policy is on interaction with other animals. Pet owners that know their dogs don't play well with others should make sure that they won't have to interact while they are boarded. Dogs that love to interact and do well socially with other pets may do well with monitored play sessions. Having a health care plan in place with the dog boarding kennel is necessary so that you know that your pet will have emergency vet cleveland care if they have any injuries or illnesses. Finding a good dog boarding kennel that you can trust to care for your pet is possible by taking advantage of some of these helpful tips.